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imagebizzo, ambo), and then original Aussie slang phrases. In this article, we divide all the Australian slang words into three main groups: slang abbreviations ending in -ie (barbie, sunnies), slang abbreviations ending in -o (e.g.

That is, even if a firm's product committee has approved a product for sale, an individual broker's lack of understanding of a recommended product or strategy could violate the obligation, notwithstanding that the recommendation is suitable for some investors. Although due diligence reviews by such committees can be extremely beneficial, 61 a firm's approval of a product for sale does not necessarily mean that an associated person has complied with the reasonable-basis obligation. A broker can violate reasonable-basis suitability under either prong of the test. Reasonable-basis suitability has two main components: a broker must (1) perform reasonable diligence to understand the potential risks and rewards associated with a recommended security or strategy and (2) determine whether the recommendation is suitable for at least some investors based on that understanding.

The prioritization fee is calculated by multiplying the requested maximum compute units by the compute-unit price (specified in increments of 0.000001 lamports per compute unit) rounded up to the nearest lamport.

Some of the major crypto mining companies such as Marathon Digital Holdings (NASDAQ: MARA), Riot Blockchain (NASDAQ: RIOT), Hut 8 (NASDAQ: HUT), and Core Scientific (NASDAQ: CORZ), increased their share price over the past 30 days by 124.12%, 96.69%, 98.95%, and 110.39% respectively.

The recent recovery in the value of crypto assets has trickled down into the ‘traditional’ finance world, more specifically into stocks of crypto mining companies. Furthermore, the rise of crypto prices increased mining profitability, which has seen some mining businesses rallying up to 120%.

The reason is that almost 50% of people said Macca’s instead of the full name of the second most used Aussie slang word. By the way, did you know that the fast-food company McDonald’s agreed to lose its traditional naming in Australia? So, if you come to the roo’s (aka kangaroo) country, you will defo find different Macca’s than elsewhere in the world and find even more examples of Australian lingo .

As the crypto-sphere expands, so too will its potential to cause wider market disruption. And crypto is only becoming more entwined with conventional finance. For general market turmoil to ensue, then, you would need a lot of things to go wrong, including the price of bitcoin to fall all the way to zero. Still, bitcoin our extreme scenario suggests that leverage, stablecoins, and sentiment are the main channels through which any crypto-downturn, big or small, will spread more widely. Goldman Sachs plans to launch a crypto exchange-traded fund; Visa now offers a debit card that pays customer rewards in bitcoin.

The recommendation of a large-cap, value-oriented equity security usually would not require documentation. Numerous Regulatory Notices and cases discuss various types of complex and/or potentially risky securities and investment strategies involving a security or securities. Firms and brokers may want to consult those Regulatory Notices 87 and cases 88 when considering the types of recommended securities and investment strategies involving securities that they should document. Conversely, the recommendation of a complex and/or potentially risky security or investment strategy involving a security or securities usually would require documentation.

The origin of this word is indisputably Australian. One of the most detailed explanation can be found in The Telegraph article . Briefly, the word "selfie" created the Australian uni student, who liked abbreviating all words with "-ie" and "-ey" suffixes and even named himself Hopey. And cryptocurrency sorry about the focus, it was a selfie .". After his roaring birthday party, Hopey joined a student forum to discuss his lip injury and posted a picture of it with this comment: "I had a hole about 1cm long right through my bottom lip.

, "direct application" business, 10 "investment program" securities, 11 or private placements 12 ), or using another similar arrangement. The suitability rule applies to a broker-dealer's or registered representative's recommendation of a security or investment strategy involving a security to a "customer." FINRA's definition of a customer in FINRA Rule 0160 excludes a "broker or dealer." 9 In general, for purposes of the suitability rule, bitcoin the term customer includes a person who is not a broker or dealer who opens a brokerage account at a broker-dealer or purchases a security for which the broker-dealer receives or will receive, directly or indirectly, compensation even though the security is held at an issuer, the issuer's affiliate or a custodial agent ( e.g.

Reviewing all the good Aussie words and phrases, I noticed how easily each of them sticks in my mind right from the first time. Perhaps, it can be explained by the uniqueness of the Australian expressions because each saying contains the people’s fondness and respect for own language.image

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